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9 Norwegian Recordings containing Saw
sorted according to Year of Publication

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Pub. Year Artist / Title Medie Share Note
1973   Lillebjørn Nilsen: Portrett CD LP 1/13
1995   Jan Engervik: Alvårli' talt CD 1/12
  Hot Club de Norvège: Portrait of Django CD ?/15
1996 Republished Lillebjørn Nilsen: 40 spor 2CD 1/40
2000   Jienat: Daja CD 1/11
2001   Hot Club de Norvège: Angelo Is Back in Town CD 2/12
2002   Hot Club de Norvège: White Night Stories CD 1/?
2003   Villslusk: Sånn passe CD 2/14
Sample Emil Andreassen: Vintermoreller CD 1/?

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